Primary 1b

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Gorgie Farm 

Primary 1 had a fantastic time at Gorgie Farm. They were very responsible walking there and listened very well at the Farm. They saw lots of animals and even got to pet some. Thank you very much to all the parent helpers and staff that came along with us. We really appreciate it. We hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

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Primary 1 were really interested in snails so I decided we would dedicate a whole lesson to snails. We went out side and found snails to looks at. We built them a home and talked about what they liked. We then came in and watched a video about snails and learned our word of the week – Gastropod. After this we used collage to create our very own colourful snails. We had lots of fun! 

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P1 Trip to Fountainbridge Library

P1 you were super on our trip to the library. Such sensible walking and lovely manners while we were there. Simon told us two fantastic stories about disgusting food! We have chosen ‘disgusting’ as this week’s word of the week. We enjoyed hearing about the sandwiches covered in ants and mud, yuck! Everyone has brought home a letter to enable them to get their own library card if they do not already have one. Please send these letters back to school and we will collect their library cards next week!

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Healthy living

Today we talked about things that we can do and eat to keep us healthy. We realised that exercise is really important and that there is lot of ways to exercise. Some of our favourite ways to exercise were cycling, tennis, football, running, walking and push ups. We also talked about healthy and unhealthy foods. To finish the lesson we made a smoothie from bananas, strawberries and orange juice. We learned lots and had a lot of fun.