Primary 3

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Home learning tips

P3 have been enjoying sharing their home learning on a Friday. Below are some tips for approaching the home learning tasks. However there is no right or wrong way to do these tasks, it is the effort that is important.

Create a value poster:

  • Does your poster have words, pictures and colour?
  • Can you add questions on your poster ?
  • Maybe you may have flaps with hidden information.


  • This website has lots of great ideas


  • Draw a body and have label cards to put in the correct place.


  • Pick one thing to focus on for example oil spills or plastic in the ocean and design something that will help. Build the final product out of paper or junk materials.

Free choice

  • Create a play
  • Create a song
  • Create a dance
  • Make a book or factfile

Reading should be done each night and we are focusing on reading with expression. Changing your voice when something exciting happens or when there is a new character.

We have also been looking at adjectives ( describing words). Why not see how many adjectives you can find. Also onomatopoeia (words for sounds) and alliteration ( bouncing ball) are all things we look at in class.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚